lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

Student mobility has grown strongly

In 2007, over 2.8 million students were enrolled in institutions of higher learning outside their country of origin, a 53% increase over 1999. So says the latest edition of UNESCO’s Global Education Digest, launched in Paris on 6 July at the World Conference on Higher Education.
Data on student mobility compiled by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics show that sub-Saharan Africa has the highest outbound mobility rate: 5.8% in 2007, compared to the world average of 1.8%. In real terms, however, it is China which accounts for the greatest number of students living abroad (about 421,100). China is one of 10 countries which account for 38% of the world’s mobile students. The other nine countries of origin are India, the Republic of Korea, Germany, Japan, France, USA, Malaysia, Canada and the Russian Federation.
Another trend revealed by the report is that students are increasingly staying within their region of origin. In this respect Western Europe and North America show little change in comparison to 1999.
Read further in UNESCO’s A World of SCIENCE, Vol. 7, No. 4, October–December 2009 here
La versión española Un Mundo de Ciencia Vol. 7 n° 3 estara disponible dentro de dos semanas a : aquí

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